Manitoba is a fully government regulated province with government run liquor stores, with the exception 8 privately owned wine stores.  There are 63 MBLL Liquor Mart or Liquor Mart Express stores in the province (40 Winnipeg locations, 23 Manitoba locations), 174 MBLL rural Liquor Vendors (in smaller rural towns), and the aforementioned 8 private wine shops, which are all within the city of Winnipeg. In addition, there are 264 independent Beer and Cooler Vendors across the entire province.


Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries   MLCC Liquor Marts

The MLLC is the government entity that controls all jurisdiction over liquor in the province.   They oversee all retail store product listings, store assortments and on-premise licensing among other liquor related decisions.  There are 40 city of Winnipeg MBLL Liquor Mart or Liquor Mart Express stores and 23 rural Manitoba MBLL Liquor Mart stores.  In addition, there are independently-operated MLLC liquor vendors that service 174 smaller rural communities.  Some key MLLC run events each year include the very popular Winnipeg Wine Festival, the Whisky Festival and Flatlanders Beer Festival among others.  They offer a wide variety of public and in-house courses to extend product knowledge to the consumer and enhance the product knowledge of the employee.  All information can be found on their website.

They are the single largest purchaser of beverage alcohol in Manitoba.



Banville & Jones Wine Co.   Calabria Market   De Luca Fine Wines   Fenton's Wine Merchants
GJ Andrew's Food & Wine Shoppe   Kenaston Wine Market   La Boutique Del Vino   The Winehouse

There are 8 privately owned and operated wine stores in the city of Winnipeg that are able to carry products listed by the MLLC as well as products that are NOT available via the MLLC, commonly known as unlisted products.  The private wine store channel has excelled in servicing the on-premise sector in Winnipeg  as well as providing courses that range from entry level to higher certificates in wine courses, including that of accredited sommelier organizations.

These eight stores consist of; Banville & Jones Wine Merchants, Calabria Market, DeLuca Fine Wines, Fenton’s Wine Merchants, GJ Andrews Wine Shoppe, Kenaston Wine Market, La Boutique Del Vino and The Winehouse.

Beer & Coolers

Manitoba has 264 independent beer and cooler vendors of varying sizes entirely operated by the hotel and hospitalty industry.

Restaurant Scene

Winnipeg enjoys one of the most diverse and exciting restaurant scene in the country with one of the highest per-capita dining establishment ratios.  A melting pot of cuisine, there is no short supply of fine dining and award winning chefs, menus, and wine lists.

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